Pacific Community Garden Rules

Pacific Community Garden Group Guidelines

1. Garden plots are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Gardeners returning for the second year of planting may want to
choose a 2nd plot for their use. New gardeners may choose from
unassigned plots.

2. Gardeners are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of

their garden plots. Watering, weeding, harvesting and any other
garden related maintenance are all the responsibility of the
gardeners. Gardeners may arrange for other gardeners to care
for their plots.

3. City of Pacific provides the water for use of gardeners. The

cost to fill a plot with soil mix is $15 if the gardener wants the
club to provide the soil, but gardeners are welcome to bring their
own soil mix. Gardeners provide their own tools, fertilizer, seeds
and plants.

4. Children are welcome to work alongside their parents or troop


5. Each gardener must complete a Release of all Claims form

before any work in the garden can begin.

6. Out of respect for fellow gardeners, we will each maintain our

plot/s in order to keep the garden area pleasant for all to visit.
If you are going to be out of town, let someone know who will
maintain your plot for you. If you cannot continue to work your
plot, please let one of the leaders know so we can assign it to
another gardener.

7. Only organic applications will be used to combat weeds and


8. Please keep smoking and tobacco materials out of the garden

as they can transmit a lethal virus to tomato plants.

9. Some of the plots have been dedicated as "community" beds.

The produce from these will be donated to local families, the
senior center and food pantry. We will set up teams to work
these beds in order to share (and enjoy) this opportunity to give
something to the community.

10. Attendance at group meetings is not required, but that's the

way we build relationships.

11. Please volunteer for one of the committees: compost heap,

flower planting, maintenance of the treed lot on the corner,
building a permanent covering for the walkways between plots,
and whatever else needs to be done.

12. Volunteer to be on the Leadership Team.

(subsequent guidelines added as agreed on at PCGG meeting of
Tuesday, November 27, 2012)

13. Several times a year emails will be sent indicating time

periods for certain seasonal tasks to get completed (winter and
spring preparations and/or plantings). Gardeners will usually have
three weeks or so to see that this request is accomplished.
Reminders will be sent out. If not completed, the gardeners of
those plots will be sent notification of being dropped from the
PCGG membership, unless they contact the managers of the
group directly to ask for alternate consideration.

14. To insure proper care and yield of each community plot we

will publish at the beginning of each season a rotating list of the
gardeners in each column for their weekly care of the community
garden in the 1st row. Feel free to exchange assigned weeks with
others, just so we insure regular attention to each community
Columns A-G (front to back), Rows 1-10 (left to right)…

15. In addition to the occasional assessments mentioned in

guideline 3, an annual fee of $15 per personal or family plot will
be used for general improvements to the garden.

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