2011 Pictures

 Getting started.

Alice talking about square foot gardening.

Not a bad turn out. 

House torn down by a tornado in Robertsville, MO. 

 Used the lumber left to make the garden beds.

Orange section is the first PCGG area. Arnold's garden is to the right.

 Gathering lumber.

Cutting the wood down to size and removing nails and screws.

Building the boxes on site. 

Almost ready for planting. 

Raised gardening bed for those who have a harder time getting down to the ground.

Great for those in wheel chairs or older in years. 

Plants are growing.


 Our sign, courtesy of the city.

 We take all the help we can get.

 Meeting on site.

 Alice in black, Brandy in blue, with Ayla in yellow. 
Meeting with the gardeners.

 Putting in trellis' in some of the beds.

Girl Scouts are helping out too. 

Beets, Carrots, Sugar Snap Peas and more!!

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