Sunday, January 13, 2013

PCGG in 2013


When the snow and cold passes there is still a bit more winterizing to do: weed, till soil, perhaps add compost, peat moss, vermiculte…cover with black plastic, cardboard, plywood, or …

Thanks in advance for pitching in and getting the garden in shape and looking good for the winter … as a pleasant place to pass in Pacific.

As agreed at our Tuesday, November 27, 2012 meeting we have:

Added Guidelines for improved garden maintenance
13. Several times a year emails will be sent indicating time periods for certain seasonal tasks to get completed (winter and spring preparations and/or plantings). Gardeners will usually have three weeks or so to see that this request is accomplished. Reminders will be sent out. If not completed, the gardeners of those plots will be sent notification of being dropped from the PCGG membership, unless they contact the managers of the group directly to ask for alternate consideration.

14. To insure proper care and yield of each community plot we will publish at the beginning of each season a rotating list of the gardeners in each column for their weekly care of the community garden in the 1st row. Feel free to exchange assigned weeks with others, just so we insure regular attention to each community plot.
Columns A-G (front to back), Rows 1-10 (left to right)…

15. In addition to the occasional assessments mentioned in guideline 3, an annual fee of $15 per personal or family plot will be used for general improvements to the garden.

Check out the imbedded garden map and verify that you want one or more specific plots; please name them by column and row (mine for example is F3).
SO PLEASE SEND Lloyd Klinedinst, 10 Dover Lane, Villa Ridge, MO 63089-2001
YOUR ANNUAL FEE OF $15 (Checks made out to PCGG) per plot
AS YOUR notice of intention to continue as a member of the Pacific Community Garden Group.

As indicated in new guideline 13, you have until February 6 to contact me with your renewal. (As always, if there are any hardship conditions, please notify me and our leadership group will give your request every consideration.)

We look forward to working together with you this year and hope for an even better season of weather and gardening wisdom and produce.

Bobbie, Susan, Lloyd

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