Friday, February 17, 2012

Need help planting bulbs

Please lend a helping hand this Saturday, February 18 around 12:30 pm

Our fellow gardeners, Girl Scout Troup 3458, sponsored by Mici Steger, will be planting mostly daffodils, tulips, and some other plants at our Pacific Community Garden Site…
on this Saturday, February 18 around 12:30 pm
We will have at least 4 girl scouts, plus Joe and I meeting up at the community garden on Saturday around 12:30pm.  If you or someone from PCGG could be there to let us know what areas you'd like planted there, that would be wonderful.  We'd also welcome more help.  It shouldn't take long.

Here's the background story from Mici's own email:
Girl Scouts are celebrating their 100th birthday this year.  As part of that celebration, the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri will be planting 100,000 bulbs across the area.  I have asked for 500 bulbs for our troop to plant in the Catawissa and Pacific area.  They are mostly daffodils, tulips, and some other plants.  Any space for some at the Community Garden?  Maybe around the sign?

I look forward to seeing some of my fellow gardeners tomorrow. I hope this mid-winter note finds you in good health and looking forward to our second gardening season.

Susan, Bobbie, and Lloyd
Dr. Lloyd Klinedinst

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